Disk not showing

I have an hitachi external disk that the records change(usb lead) part connected to the small circuit board has damaged. i’ve not got a model quantity on it however the board itself has a 15 digit wide variety on it i may want to seed some images and sizes if it’s far feasible to update.

My USB has stopped responding and i have a variety of info on it I want are you able to help?

I noticed at post on https://johnnyforeigner.jimdo.com/2017/08/04/drive-not-showing-up-need-files/ about hard drives not showing up. I’ve a Western virtual My ebook live Duo which nowadays, appears to of failed. there is a consistent yellow mild and after a touch studies would suggest that there is an OS loading problem or we’ve a ‘brick’. This power is protecting a whole lot of crucial inforamtion which we need regular get admission to to for the daily strolling of the commercial enterprise. I suppose in the end, we both want this power up and running asap or all of the records resued and transfered to another tool for us to get entry to asap in order no longer to affect the enterprise. The disk fell on the ground and stopped running. Please help me get the data back

Toshiba keep.E 2TB external 2TB pressure wont hearth up. makes quick revving / accelerating noise then doesnt spin up. tries several instances before giving up. possible energy trouble? have attempted with special cables no change

i am simply creating a speculative question approximately the ball park prices for data recovery in cases wherein information has been recorded and stored in a proprietary software layout that has now end up out of date. What are the costs associated with recovering such information onto open report formats in a large agency? i’m looking to make a enterprise case to my business enterprise and want to provide them an illustration of prices for information recuperation. A trendy ball park parent might be flawlessly applicable. Please could you be able to propose me on this? Many thank you on your help.