Hypnosis NLP Considerations

Do not count on teaching the allopathic physicians this because they are only interested in that the drug companies have written in there medical books. Most doctors are not open to the mind healing the body and besides theirjob is to shoot the messenger or remove the symptoms. This is not anyway to help an individual heal. I know because I have had several medical doctors take my training and they all have said the same thing, “This is not what I was taught in Med School and I am not comfortable with doing this.” It is the same with anesthesia, they do not believe that there is another part of us that can provide anesthesia that surpasses the chemical anesthesia. Learn more at https://hypnosisnlpblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/15/navigating-client-experiences-memories-in-hypnosis/ and http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20160306/the-power-of-hypnosis-training

Soto prevent anesthesia awareness, they are over dosing their patients, Now their patients liver suffers from the damage of the over dose. This is not modern medicine to me, it is still quackery being performed as it was done over one hundred years ago and it needs to change. Okay, I will get off my soap box and get back to what we can do and how to do it. Remember, watch the videos especially where I am working with Brenda and Kimberly to have them achieve anesthesia and when I was having Brenda move it around and keep asking her to make it even more profound. Watch how I shoed her to use the computer console technique and showed her how to access it and use it for her to control. What is actually going on with this technique is that the feed back from the computer that is displayed on the monitor is coming from her Subconscious and so are the controls she is working with.

Her brain does not know that these images are just a fabrication that her Subconscious is fabricating so, her brain will work the body systems to facilitate the outcome that is requested when she is making her adjustments. This is a real, “No brainer” and anyone that you have achieve profound somnambulism can do this for themselves as long as you guide them through the process at least once. I do not believe in just tricking the person into believing he has anesthesia and depending on it to work when the surgery is taking place, I want to be sure that everything is as it should be. I know from my own cataract surgery experience. What my Subconscious did for me frightened the surgeon. When I had the chemical anesthesia on my left eye, he kept asking me not to move my eye because he was cutting my cornea with a diamond blade and the slightest move could be very damaging. So, when we did it without the chemical anesthesia, my Subconscious did exactly as I asked. That was to get me out of there because I did not want to feel anything. The next thing I knew was it was over and the doctor revealed to me that not only did my eyeball not move even a little bit so, my pupil was fixed and dilated completely. Then they were not able to detect a heart beat or my breathing. As soon as they were going to pronounce me dead, my vitals came back so they continued and finished the surgery. Now, this was all the proof I needed to know that my Subconscious took me into the Sichort State where my heart beat only once each minute and my respirations slowed to once each minute and were extremely shallow, creating the effect of death. This was the experience I needed for me to continue doing this work and passing on the information to those who are willing to learn properly. I hope that includes you who is reading this manual. Pay attention to the tools that follow and learn to use them in your practice. If you need, please come to my new ten—day live training to allow me to fine tune your skills and everyone who comes your way will benefit.