Pampered Pooch Parties on the Monterey Peninsula

There are so many different reasons to celebrate your Pooch. Make it a play date for your friends and your Pampered Pooch. Each year your Pooch has a Birthday and why not make it a little extra special this year? Invite your friends and their Pampered Pooches for a gracious party in honor of your Pooch. Adopting a new dog is a big event for anyone and what fun it would be to announce their arrival! Hold a tea party or luncheon. Here at Carmel Dog Parties we believe in having fun and making memories with your Pampered Pooch.

The Monterey Peninsula has so many wonderful party locations. Here we have listed just a few, yet be creative and we would be happy to help! The fabrics seen below have been hand selected and represent any type of Pampered Pooch. To begin planning for your memorable party, just choose one party fabric décor and you are on your way!

For a pooch party, it is best to choose party supplies wholesale as that would help you save a lot of money. You wouldn’t want to be spending too much of money on a pooch party. There are many online outlets which sell party supplies wholesale which you can buy for your pooch party.