Phone and Drive Restoration

According to this blog the use of husbands cellphone no as own telephone damaged and that i can’t get info off it. it is a Samsung s6. what is the in all likelihood fee and timescale to get information off it if it’s miles definitely possible?

whilst shutting down my macbook, a difficult object fell on top of the place of the hard force on my macbook. i will boot from the tough drive using an enclosure and get to the log in display screen but can not log in because the screen freezes. There aren’t any clicking or every other noises, the force appears to spin.

1TB Seagate Backup Plus narrow. still had around 500gb free. changed into the usage of it whilst enhancing on very last reduce pro X as a garage for my library files. got Apple colour wheel and needed to close down laptop without being capable of eject outside difficult drive. when computer restarted the difficult power did no longer show up at the desktop or everywhere else. No noises or beeping and there has been nevertheless power at the HD. I took some good advice from the hard drive man blog and wonder, is it recoverable and what kind of might it value?

The diagnosis has been completed for your broken SSD and the technician involved at the healing has cautioned the following: diagnosis effects have proven that the VRM controller unit has failed. The technician has counseled the following degree of the restoration procedure is to update the complete VRM controller unit, rebuild the SSD after which try and extract your records.