think about pheromones?

How do you react when you think about pheromones?
I get down on myself and practically force fear into myself. I fear a tightness in my chest, a real pain that spreads around and takes over me. I feel shaky and unable to perform. I get exhausted with myself. I force myself not to enjoy things. I try to make myself feel worse than I am with the belief that I’m doing good for myself by doing that. It’s like I get to feel I’m helping myself out and helping myself be more productive, but in reality it just feels like stress and pain in my chest, in my heart. It takes over me so much sometimes that I can’t perform, that I just give up and don’t do anything. I get angry with myself and upset. I get resentful of the world. I feel like life is a struggle and real pain, with no point… so I feel hopeless. I feel left out, insecure, saddened, angry, mean — all these emotions of pain and suffering, with the underlying motive of ‘improvement’. I exaggerate consequences to scare myself into feeling excess fear and anger and pain, and I blow up things with the belief that that will somehow make me a better person eventually increase pheromone production. I feel a lot of stress and self-loathing, and the tightness in my chest is almost unbearable sometimes. I don’t like life and I don’t allow myself to enjoy things as much as I can. I lose my presence and feel fear overtake me, to the point where I can’t think straight sometimes with or without human pheromones according to and
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I fear I would lose all motives for action, I fear I would become passive and inactive. I can’t know that this is true at all, of course, because without any motivation I am constantly being breathed, and so on, and I’ve noticed it’s impossible to “do nothing”.
In fact, when I think the thought “I need fear or stress to motivate me to do things” I often become inactive and lazy, or just despondent and upset to the point where I get exhausted and give up! That’s something I notice.
Who would you be without the pheromones?
I’d be an easygoing, happy, loving person who’s really committed to enjoying himself when he is! I’d just allow the experience of life to take me and guide me, to enlighten me, to show me the way. I’d feel calmer and happier, and I’d allow myself to enjoy what I’ve rightfully earned — this moment and this experience. I’d just feel a lot of love for the future rather than viewing it as a constant burden. I’d enjoy the journey, enjoy the path more, rather than viewing it as an obstacle to be overcome. I’d feel freer and more open to life and to God. I’d also allow myself to be more of an observer when it’s appropriate.
And, probably more on point is when she asks, “Can you really know that it’s true that you need fear or stress to motivate you to do things?”
And you know, I’ve found a million times in the past that I do not. In fact, right now I am writing this fearlessly, breathing fearlessly, reading fearlessly.It’s a very clear place to be.