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It Just Didn’t Feel Right to use cheap pheromone cologne… It was a beautiful spring morning, the sun was as bright and happy as it can be. As w e got on our bikes with the fuzzy warmth of the sun on our backs, it felt like a deja vu from a scene in a movie. It was the perfect day for a bike ride around the bay with a lovely girl I met a few pheromone users a
weeks ago. We instantly took a liking to each other and I suggested that we should go do some bike riding around some amazing scenery. She was very keen and I was happy to be connecting with her pheromones. Learn more at and
 She really seemed like a genuine and lovely individual, someone who’s hard to come by in this day and age. But it’s funny sometimes things don’t turn out exactly how we had planned them in our head. After 5 minutes of being on our bikes, her whole mood changed. She no longer had a smile on her face, and she was dragging five to ten meters behind me. What was wrong, I thought to myself? I turned around and asked if she was ok, but there was hardly a response. Check out pheromones at
It was silent and had a gloomy look on her. So I kept riding for a couple more minutes but I started to feel very uneasy. Was she upset at me? Did I do something wrong? By this time, my joyful and openness has completely evaporated into the misty morning. I was getting to the point of agitation and annoyance. So I suddenly pull the brakes to a stop, got off the bike and decided to speak to her. I truly wanted to k now what was wrong. But instead of getting an answer, all I got was defensive remarks and a general sense of not wanting to be here. By the way, imagine yourself in this situation, does it make you want to spend more time with this friend or less time? Less of course right of true pheromones?
The answer is your emotional associations. What are your emotional associations? Your emotional associations are the automatic feelings that arise from inside of you when there ’s a certain trigger or stimulus in your environment. (here’s the key point – it must be automatic, and not through your logical convincing) So let me give you an example. When I say the word “chocolate”, what are the automatic feelings that come up from within you? Do you get this warm feeling in your gut that craves it?
So just take a moment right now to notice what feelings and emotions come up when you think of chocolate. That is precisely your emotional association with chocolate. How about another example… What do you feel… when you hear sirens behind you and see flashing red lights in your rear vision mirror as you’re driving?
This is so important I will say it again. What you really need to have an outstanding relationship is to have a sensational association with your partner.