With The Real Pheromones ….

Because everything I do is to test my game on human pheromones. If either me or my girlfriend decides to break up then I’d need it anyway. I went out tonight in my home country and got reminded at how much better I am at day game. But despite that it was also quite a bad night for me regardless, because I broke 2 things which are quite important. This night I was:
– not giving value, but ‘on the hunt’- not starting conversations from being genuine but not being genuine
I can write a long report about pheromones, but I won’t. In a couple of occasions I was genuine and in very few occasions I gave value. What I noticed is that my conversations went a lot better when I combine giving value and being authentic / genuine. The authenticity can be from a scripted line by the way. I said to one girl “Oh my god you look so cute, I want to put you in my pocket and show you to all my friends!” But I actually kind of meant it. When you ‘feel the line’, then you can do a partial scripted game I noticed (note: normally I improv) who adores pheromone users.
So yea giving value and being genuine are really important tools for me in order to get something more going on than tonight.
Euphenisms vs. the ‘real’ words (e.g. cute vs hot)But I do question myself though is to what extent I should euphemisms or not. Should I? I think I should really test this. My expectation is that it won’t work, but if I can be really honest and respectful about it, then who knows?
For example, if a girl looks really like a porn star and I feel horny when I look at her. Should I just say that straight up? If I’d do it, I would do it as respectfully as possible though, which means I probably would warn her before hand (e.g. “what I’m about say might sound extreme, but … “). Well, now that I think of it: if I really do come from a position of giving value, then this will have a high chance of success of pheromone attraction. 
If I really am going to do this, then most women aren’t cute anymore. They are hot and they make me tremble and nervous, and I love the feeling (disclaimer: only really hot women actually). Yes, I admit I am an adrenaline junkie. Perhaps I’ll confess this to the women as well, that experiencing their hotness is some kind of drug to me. And if they smile it would work even more (I bet they’d smile if I would follow-up like that). It’s quite fun being in the: “I can’t control myself because you’re too hot” pheromones frame. Learn more about pheromones at http://buy-pheromones.org/pherazone and http://pheromones-planet.com/pherazone/
It’s interesting: Mystery once said it’s easier to seduce the hottest women, and I agree. When I open like this it’s a lot easier to be authentic with the hottest of them all. Learn about pheromones at http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=179
I can see this work during day game. I’m curious about night game. And also, I don’t think it’s handy to approach mixed sets like this. I’d set every protective guy on high alert. The only real way to know it is to test all of it. I will definitely test some of it with real pheromones.